Sony Xperia SL brings even more

Another new addition to the very popular and quickly growing Sony Xperia family, the Sony Xperia SL. Making life quicker again with a 1.7GHZ processor and a 12.1 megapixel camera when captured on this amazing new smart phone you really can share and re-live your most special moments in high quality and with speed.

The design is the classic Xperia look the Sony Xperia SL has more than ever before and really is life proof. A scratch resistant and durable touch screen with a shater proof sheet on mineral glass ensures you can live your life. Will it be enough to compete with the latest handsets like the samsung galaxy s3 and and coming soon Iphone 5

The touch screen is a huge quality of this mobile. At a stunning 4.3 Inches this HD Reality display, Touch Screen really brightens up your viewing and with screen shot capturing you can collect it all.

Android operating system ensures you get fast flowing menus and a great look and feel to your smart phone and on this, it does just that. Apps are easily downloadable and upgradable as you play what your friends play and share with your friends, even have apps to suit your life and what you require throughout the day.

All this in a smart phone that wieghs only 144g.

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