Foreign Secretary William Hague arrives in Malta for an official visit

The Foreign Secretary has arrived in Malta, his first visit since taking office and the first bilateral visit by a UK Foreign Secretary since Douglas Hurd.

Foreign Secretary dismayed at announcement of Israeli settlement expansion

Foreign Secretary William Hague statement following the announcement by the Israeli Government of the creation of a new settlement at Givat Hamatos.

Consumer spending on mobiles devices set to top £19 billion a year by 2021

Food and groceries remain the most popular ‘on the go’ mobile purchase as shoppers prepare to spend 15 times more through mobile devices over the next decade.

Video Battle War - a fun Social #PR and #HR experiment #vbwar #PRTrends2012

What is Video Battle war? We started to love Post IT-war! But we love video more! We really LOVE Video! We love funny videos on the web. We believe in #People #Creativity #HavingFun #Challenges #Playing is up to You !!! So, pick a company that you want to battle with.

Sony Ericsson shifts to smartphones amid Sony buyout gossip

Samsung loses Dutch submission to forbid Apple products

Explosion: Apple want Start Production on the iPad 3 Soon

California head Declares Oct. 16 'Steve Jobs Day'

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