Smith Micro Expands Wireless Data Traffic Management Solution to Include Support for iOS Devices

NetWise SmartSpot allows users of iPhones and 3G/4G iPads to better manage costs and performance of data connections; reduces carrier network congestion

Smith Micro Software, Inc . (NASDAQ:SMSI ), a leading provider of wireless and mobility solutions, today announced a new addition to the company’s NetWise™ traffic management portfolio with NetWise SmartSpot™ for iOS-based devices. The NetWise SmartSpot solution helps mobile operators offload data traffic from iOS devices to Wi-Fi networks by proactively notifying subscribers of available Wi-Fi access points and measuring their Wi-Fi efficiency. For consumers, it simplifies connection to those networks and helps them to better manage data costs.

“One of the exciting changes introduced in Apple’s iOS 6 last week is the ability to make FaceTime calls over cellular networks, but video calling can cause headaches to both consumers and wireless operators if not properly managed,” said David Sperling, CTO of Smith Micro Software, Inc. “Consumers still struggle to understand how much data is used by applications. Running video apps over cellular is a drain on their data plans, as well as a burden on already congested wireless networks. NetWise SmartSpot helps both operators and their subscribers by encouraging and automating the use of Wi-Fi networks.”

Ideal for mobile operators that have or are in need of a strong Wi-Fi strategy, NetWise SmartSpot helps reduce network congestion and support calls associated with data usage for Apple’s iPhones and iPads. Wireless traffic is improved by helping subscribers to know when and where alternative networks are available, and helping them to seamlessly authenticate and connect to those networks.

Notable features of NetWise SmartSpot include:

Smart Wi-Fi Discovery: location-based discovery of available Wi-Fi Access Points beyond those that are “in range” of the device radio; includes visual maps and search feature, and can be integrated with operator or third-party Wi-Fi directories
Proactive Notifications: alerts subscribers when they are near available Wi-Fi networks, even when Wi-Fi radios are turned off
Auto-authentication: automatically enters subscriber usernames and passwords to authenticate with Operator Wi-Fi access points, streamlining usage of Wi-Fi
Wi-Fi Efficiency Score: each subscriber’s Wi-Fi usage is measured and benchmarked against other subscribers to educate and promote increased usage

NetWise SmartSpot is a component of Smith Micro’s Mobile Experience Platform, which helps mobile operators, device manufacturers and enterprises simplify and enhance the mobile experience while optimizing network and device resources. For more information, visit:

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